On January  22, 2018 at  10:08AM  we  received a  call  for service  regarding a  welfare  check  in the  5100 Block  of  Tyner  St. NW;  Canton,  Ohio 44708.  

While  officers  were  responding  they were  advised shots  were  fired  at  the  home. 

Upon arrival  at  the  residence,  Perry  Township Officers  and Detectives  began to  investigate what  had occurred.   A  victim  with injuries  from  a  gunshot  wound was  quickly  located  and  transported  to a  local  emergency  room  for medical  treatment.  

 During  the  investigation, Detectives  learned that  an adult  female  along with  her three  children  where  held  inside  the home  against  their will  at  gunpoint  throughout  the  early  morning  hours.   The  suspect  shot  a male  coming  to the  home  to  check on the  mother  and children.   The  suspect  inevitably  fled the residence. 

Through the  next  several  hours  our Officers  and Detectives  identified the  suspect.  

An arrest was  made  as  follows:

 Arrested: Christopher P. Fahrni 1854  Vermont  Ave. SE Massillon, Ohio 44646 35year old  male Charges:

 Attempt  to Commit  Aggravated  Murder  F1 Kidnapping  F1  (4 counts)

Aggravated  Burglary  F1

Aggravated  Menacing M1

We would  like  to thank  the  Massillon City  Police  Department, Navarre  Police  Department, United States  Marshall's  Service,  Tuscarawas  County  Sheriff's  Office,  New  Philadelphia  Police Department, Regional  Emergency  Dispatch Center, and Perry  Township  Fire  Department  for their  assistance  in  this  case. 

During  the  investigation we  notified Perry  Local  School  Administrators  of this  case  in effort  to keep outside  activity  at  the  schools  to a  minimum.   This  was  done  for the  protection of all children  in the  community. 

 I would  like  to thank the  school  administration and  staff for their assistance.

Michael T. Pomesky, CLEE
Chief of Police